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BIG ORDER GN VOL 02 - Sakae Esuno

BIG ORDER GN VOL 02 - Sakae Esuno
  • BIG ORDER GN VOL 02 - Sakae Esuno
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(W) Sakae Esuno (A/CA) Sakae Esuno
A boy with a special power finds he had better be careful what he wishes for! Sena's awake! Rushing to see her, Eiji heads back to Dazaifu, only to hear Hiiragi reveal to her that she's got six months left to live! Eiji is livid, but Hiiragi has one more bombshell to drop - they've located someone who can cure Sena! Now it's off to Hiroshima to find this mysterious Order! Could this be the chance Eiji's been waiting for, or is Hiiragi hiding something else?
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